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Meet the Dip & Jack Fab Four!



Dip is Jack's best friend and an absolute goofball. Dip is always looking for the fun in every situation, even if it gets him in trouble. Although he has a laid back attitude, Dip not afraid to speak his immediate thoughts.

Dip has a love for tacos like Jack, but also love to eat in general. Although,  he loves  hockey and football, Dip is well roundly athletic. Dip is the oldest sibling of four.

Dip is also known for his strange dreams and being taunted for being a "virgin."


Jack is Dip's best friend and the "brains" of the duo. Jack usually as an act for great ideas but the execution is sometimes overshot. Jack is always down for a great time but has his moments of being a hothead.

Jack loves tacos and citrus sodas. Jack is also roundly athletic like Dip, but also loves to show his enforcer side when playing hockey. Jack is youngest sibling of four... but occasionally gets told he's "adopted."



Alyssa is a lifelong friend of Dip & Jack. Alyssa has a history of catching them in their most awkward mishaps, but has gotten used to their antics over the years.

Alyssa is widely popular at high school, she's the only girl football player and captain of the softball team.

Like Jack, she also has her moments in trying to keep Dip, if not both of them, in line.


Abby is Jack's occasional love interest and best friends with Alyssa. Her and Jack have great chemistry together but they always seem dance around question when asked what's going on between the two.

She enjoys her time with Jack but is also extremely mindful of his friendship with Dip, who she also has a great relationship with. Abby also plays on the high school softball team with Alyssa.

Alyssa possesses a high maintenance side at times but is well grounded.

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